A report from a European blog is being studiously ignored by the Mainstream Media in this country. Well, nothing unusual in that. All kinds of weird stuff gets ignored by the grown up media where adults run things.

This report says the Russian FSB, what used to be the KGB, has a secret document from the French intelligence agency that French President Nicholas Sarkozy recently said to his aids and colleagues that President Obama is insane. It says Sarkozy was appalled that Obama thought the world needed his "guidance" to achieve his "vision" and that Obama would not listen to "reason" or "logic."

Now, if this had been a report about President George W. Bush, it simply could not have been a low enough source to prevent it leading the evening news, and spilling headline ink all over the newspapers of the nation. But it's being ignored because it's not about Bush, but about Obama.

Yet there is evidence everywhere that Sarkozy is right, if in fact he said it.

The latest evidence is Obama's policy on nukes. Is it not insane to reject the weapons made the world a much safer place during the last sixty years than for the nuke-free fifty years that came before?

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