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A Diplomat from Qatar - on his way to visit an imprisoned terrorist - was detained Thursday by homeland security on a flight bound for Denver -- from Washington, DC.

Soon after slipping into the planes lavatory to SNEAK a smoke -- he was caught... and THEN according to witnesses - made a joke about trying to set his shoe on fire! --Making an apparent reference to the 2001 so-called SHOE BOMBER, Richard Reid.

...Fellow passenger Tim Burney.

The government of Qatar says that they are taking this incident very seriously - the state department said that Washington is happy to hear that. ...Though the diplomat won't face any charges.

Also buzzing today.....

It's the second day of the Masters tournament.

Tiger Woods - yesterday returned to Golf after a five - month "break". His marriage and reputation left in shambles following a November car accident that spiraled into revelations of serial infidelity.

"He really performed better than most people thought." - That - according to Fox News Radio's Eben Brown - reporting from Augusta.

Woods finished yesterday with a 4 under 68 - which is the LOWEST opening score he's EVER posted at the Masters.

And Tiger is only 2 strokes behind the leader, Fred Couples. Anything can happen today.

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