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The Masters Golf Tournament started Thursday, marking Tiger Woods' return to golf after the sex-scandal broke last November.  But Tiger is your hot twoppic of the moment for another reason: his first post - scandal commercial hit the airwaves on Wednesday.  The Nike ad features Tiger's late father Earl's voice talking to a solemn looking Woods, saying... "I wanna find out what your thinking was, I wanna find out what your feelings are, and, did you learn anything." Twitter reactions were varied @greenbmc tweets Just saw the new Nike commercial with tiger woods...I'm never buying Nike products again...way to endorse his cheating @cabold tweets So Tiger Woods made a new commercial. So what? Besides doing what Nike wanted and got everyone talking. Move on people! He did...

Hot twoppic of the day is "American Idol." Wednesday night's show found crooner Michel Lynche singing for his life after being eliminated from the competition.  The judges, using their one save to keep Big Mike in the contest,  which means next week two "Idol" hopefuls will go home.

Hot twoppic of the week is Prague, where Thursday morning President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a new nuclear arms agreement to limit nuclear warheads in both countries by one third. With the treaty, President Obama moves closer to his goal of global nuclear non-proliferation.

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