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Hey Islamic Nations: Don't worry - we don't view you thru a lens of terror any longer.

That's the message the White House is trying to send to Islamic Nations. The administration attempting to do so by removing the use of words like "Islamic Jihad" and "Islamic Extremism" from the lexicon of the war on terror.

"This administration is making dangerous moves, sending signals to our enemies that we are not serious about this war." "These folks in Washington do NOT know the enemy."

Those comments - from Lt. General Tom McInerny, USAF Ret'd and Fox News Military Analyst on with WFLA Tampa, FL.

He continued - "This is amazing. Ambiguity is so important here... why we want to put specificity on this stuff so the enemies know our plan simply boggles my mind." "When our enemies see a weak horse - they are going to take action."

Also buzzing today.....

Tiger Woods... BACK IN THE GAME. Today - day one of the Masters in Augusta, GA.

What are fans saying about Tiger's return?

<audio clip>

Fox News Radio's Eben Brown has been speaking with many of our Fox News Radio affiliates across the country, reporting that - "Tiger is ready to go. He's had enough time to practice and ample coaching from his hired experts. Not every golf expert thinks that's the case. He's been away for too long..." AND "If you talk to a non golf fan - the 5 months off is like the off season for any other sport."

Tiger says that he's confident he'll win.. at least that's what he said on Monday to a crowd of reporters... Only time will tell.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.