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West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin - at a press conference Wednesday morning - speaking of the 4 possible survivors that remain trapped inside the mine after Monday's explosion - which killed 25.

Rescuers still drilling those four vent holes in an attempt to remove toxic gas from the mine.

2001 Massey Energy - the owner of the Upper Big Branch Mine - had previously been cited by West Virginia officials some 501 times for various regulation violations - INCLUDING VENTILIATION VIOLATIONS!

"Congress is going to go after these guys - bring the heat down on this company and Don Blankenship - it's CEO." That - according to Clint David - attorney with David, Goodman, & Madole. "The Situation here is that on the heels of having paid off a bunch of other judgments and penalties - this might be the thing that breaks these guys into minding regulations."

Also buzzing today.....

The Obama Administration yesterday unveiling a new policy which allows the use of nuclear weapons to deter or respond to nuclear attack... meaning that nuclear response will NOT be allowed in retaliation to chemical or biological weapon attacks.

Frmr US Ambassador to the UN - John Bolton.

AND! He's not the only one that feels that way - Lt. Col Jeff Addicott - Director for the Center at Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University said that this is a "Total disorientation to reality and shouldn't surprise those who have watched the President over the last year." He continued with WTAM Cleveland, OH by saying: "It's absolutely ludicrous we're GIVING away our national security! We're doing it without getting anything in return!"

This new policy applies only to countries that follow the nuclear non proliferation treaty - leaving the option of nukes on the table against North Korea and Iran.

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