The radio buzz... the top talk radio stories of the day:

The West Virginia Mine Explosion. A mine explosion yesterday at a West Virginia mine - Killing 25. The worst mining disaster in more than 2 decades.

...4 miners remain missing in the mine.

...West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin speaking yesterday.

Senior National Correspondent Rich Johnson went live on many ox News Radio stations - talking about the slim hope is that these miners made it to the second chamber - which is stocked with food and water with enough for them to survive..

Also buzzing today.....

Tiger Woods thinks he can win the masters... despite 5 months worth of "TIME OFF" following a scandal which sent him straight to "SEX REHAB".

According to Fraser Seitel - Managing Partner at Emerald Partners Public Relations - Yesterday was the first GOOD day for "Team Tiger". My advice to him - would have been - just get the stuff out there - get it over with - get back on the course, back with your marriage and turn the corner.

During the press conference -- Woods was very tight lipped about his personal life -- and did not give any further information as to what exactly took place that November evening when the chaos in his life all began.

And how did Woods do from a PR standpoint? Seitel says: The objective yesterday from a PR perspective was to CLOSE IT DOWN! Get back on the course in peace. He sort of did that yesterday.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.