Your morning buzz... the top talk radio stories of the day:

Tiger Woods speaks today to the press in the traditional "opening day interview" of the Masters Golf tournament in Augusta, GA.

As far as Rick Cerrone -- Former Sr. Director of Media Relations for the NY Yankees -- is concerned: "Tiger is accountable - and that's what needs to come across today." - speaking with Fox affiliate WRPW in Normal, Illinios.

It's first time Woods has spoken to the press since November - when his troubles began - first by, running over a fire hydrant with his SUV which ultimately came to rest by running into a tree.

Since then Woods has been linked to extra marital affairs with over a dozen women.

Also buzzing today.....

The NCAA Final 4

.....and then there were two!

Duke and Butler now headed to the NCAA Championship game.

Duke fans celebrating their Saturday night win over West Virginia as they progress to the Championship game.

Butler - comprised of just 4200 students - is the fourth smallest school EVER to play for the title.

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