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Reportedly, "Transformers" director Michael Bay is taking on a horror classic, his production company is overseeing a remake of Roman Polanski's iconic film "Rosemary's Baby."  The news was enough to make famed movie critic Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) tweet Michael Bay is remaking "Rosemary's Baby. O....kay.... The film is your hot twoppic of the moment.

Hot twoppic of the day is #aprilfools. Online pranks include Google, who has changed it's name to Topeka for the day. The motivation behind the name change? Well, Topeka is one of the hundreds of communities competing  to host Google's broadband experiment, designed to bring lightening-fast Internet service to residents. To separate itself from the competition, Topeka voted to change its name to Google during the month of March. Google returned the favor.  Other internet jokes -- the comedy site was bought out by popstar Justin Bieber and renamed "Bieber or Die."  And if you think Starbucks coffee  sizes tall, grande and venti limit your options, starbucks is now offering "micra" and "plenty" sizes. Oh, and, April Fools!

And Didi did go home Wednesday night on "American Idol," your hot twoppic of the week. But she has no regrets. An "Idol" tradition, the hunk factor, aka SanGia Syndrome, saved Tim Urban from elimination Wednesday night, despite being criticized by the judges.

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