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Hot twoppic of the moment - an interesting privacy battle for social sites like Facebook and Google. European regulators are investigating privacy regulations, and whether the practice of posting photos and videos of people on social sites  without their consent is a breach of privacy laws. The results of the investigation could change the way Facebook operates. Stay tuned...

Hot twoppic of the day is health care reform. The next step is the Senate vote on a budget reconciliation measure. The  debate was underway Wednesday on the Senate floor -  Republicans are still hoping to see the bill undone....and it is getting personal. Senate Republican John McCain made it clear how much he opposes the bill,  saying it has economic flaws, like the failure to include anything to cut medical malpractice costs.

Your hot twoppic of the week is "American Idol." This week teen pop star Miley Cyrus gave advice to the "Idol" hopefuls. FOX News Radio's Sharon Katchen has more.

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