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Hot twoppic of the moment? He's back!  FOX News Radio's Eben Brown has more. On Twitter, lots of well wishes and encouragement for the golfer: @tysartor tweets Good luck Tiger! I pray that he's a changed man.

Hot twoppic of the day is the little earthquake that woke up southern California Tuesday morning. The 4.4 magnitude quake caused little damage, but struck fear in some, especially considering the recent disastrous quakes in Haiti and Chile. But experts say not to fear, it is not likely to be a precursor for a disaster, just normal seismic activity.

This week, every time you tweet #Help4Kids the Children's Hunger Fund (@isupportCHF) gets $1 from @USANAInc, a health and nutrition company. Because so many are retweeting the message, Children's Hunger is your hot twoppic of the week. This cause is the latest supported by Twitcause, a twitter program called which gives nonprofits a platform on Twitter. Every week the TwitCause account tweets an update that highlights a nonprofit account on Twitter and the cause it stands for. Followers show their support by retweeting the message. To help,  follow @TwitCause, and retweet their message each  week.

This is @TheKateMalloy and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.


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