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Hot twoppic of the moment is another actor who has died from an accidental overdose. The  Los Angeles Police confirmed that 80’s teen heartthrob Corey Haim died at the age of 38. The actor had a long history with substance abuse. Here in an interview with E! Entertainment. Haim is best know for his roles in films like The Lost BoysLucas and License to Drive. Most recently, Haim and Corey Feldman, dubbed “The Two Coreys” starred in an A&E reality show. @Coutortured tweets A little piece of my childhood died today as well.#RIPCoreyHaim

Wednesday is the age defying Chuck Norris’s birthday, and few would believe the bearded tough guy turns 70- years-old, making him your hot twoppic of the day. People took to twitter to wish him a happy birthday, and to tweet jokes at his expense with the #iheardChuckNorris. @stephenstorey tweets Chuck Norris is 70 that is amazing I thought dude was like 45

Twilight fans have made  the hot twoppic of the week Eclipse. On Wednesday an 10 second teaser trailer for the next Twilight film made the rounds featuring Bella still torn between vampire Edward and a shirtless Jacob the werewolf. @Dyutza tweets even if the teaser trailer of #Eclipse is only 10 sec long it’s still brilliant and amazing and outstanding and I can hardly wait :X

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