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Twitter is still all about "Alice."  Tim Burton's 3-D adventure "Alice in Wonderland" is in theaters and people are tweeting their thoughts of the film, which generally got a lukewarm critical reception. But that doesn't seem to be stopping fans who have made "Alice" your hot twoppic of the moment.  @VennIrene tweets Alice in wonderland is now showing, my friends gave it a bad review though. Don't really care, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton never failed me.

Hot twoppic of the day: Friday morning there was a fatal shooting outside the Pentagon. FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson  has more:

Last Sunday, Jerry Seinfeld's new TV venture "The Marriage Ref" showed "sneak preview" which were met with some scathing reviews. The show features a panel of celebrity judges who watch real couples present their sides of an argument. The celebs talk about the problem, adding in plenty of jokes, and deliver a verdict on which spouse wins the argument. Fast forward to the official premiere on Thursday -- "The Marriage Ref" won its timeslot, making it your hot twoppic of the week.

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