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Twitter is speeding towards an huge  milestone -- 10 billion tweets. The website should break the 10 billion mark in about one day, and web analysts are quite impressed with the achievement, which shows that Twitter  is still a social media force to be reckoned with. The landmark makes twitter your hot twoppic of the moment.

Hot twoppic of the day is rapper Lil Wayne, who the fates continue to keep out of prison. First his sentencing for gun charges was postponed by the judge so Lil Wayne could get a root canal. Back in court on Tuesday, a courthouse fire gave Lil Wayne another week of freedom.  He enjoyed it by making a surprise appearance at Jay-Z's tour stop at Madison Square Garden. Lil Wayne is expected to spend a year behind bars at New York's Riker's Island.

Hot twoppic of the week is Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland," which hits theaters this Friday. Tweets of anticipation for the film and its soundtrack "Almost Alice," have flooded Twitter.  But this isn't your grandmother's "Alice." Tim Burton does what he does best in the 3-D movie - and makes an eerie visual spectacle that has Alice returning to Wonderland as a 19-year-old and  reuniting with her childhood friends like the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter. @pinksunflowerrz tweets I am really excited about Alice in Wonderland. Mostly because of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Creepyperfection at its best

This is @TheKateMalloy and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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