It's Apocalypse-two-years-from-Now in this week's FOXLight DVD release roundup. The earth's core is heating up and doomsday is arriving in 2012. Danny Glover is the President dealing with the crisis and John Cusack is a writer trying to save his family.

The children's fantasy book Where The Wild Things Are took many years and many scripts to get to the big screen and the audience reaction was a resounding...meh. Spike Jonze-directed this mix of CGI and live action with James Gandolfini as ogre Carol who befriends Max Records as Max, the child who would be King.

Matt Damon, Tina Fey and Liam Neeson lend their voices to a Japanese-animated retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid, in Ponyo.

Also out this week...

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee boasts an all-star cast including Robin Wright Penn, Julianne Moore, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves and was based on the book by the film's director Rebecca Miller which follows the fictional Lee over 40 years of life, love and melodrama.

The 1979 TV biopic Elvis finally sees release on DVD. Televised just two years after the King of Rock and Roll's death with Kurt Russell in the title role, it took an even handed approach to his life and garnered massive praise, ratings and Emmy nominations with a supporting cast including Shelley Winters, Ed Begley, Jr. and Joe Mantegna.

And TV on DVD this week includes...

Cowboy classic Have Gun, Will Travel: Season 4, Vol. 1

Geriatric lawman Matlock: Season 4

Gasket-blowing chef Gordon Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen - Season 2: Raw and Uncensored

Two more Doctor Who collections: Dalek War and Rememberance of the Daleks: Special Edition

Finally, on the heels of the upcoming movie, SyFy's abstract and modern depiction of the "Alice in Wonderland" fairy tale, the dark and daring miniseries Alice.

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