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Your hot twoppic of the moment: a new survey by the the Pew Internet and American Life Project that says more Americans get their news from the Internet than from newspapers or radio. 75% say they hear of news through e-mail or updates on social media sites. The survey suggests  that Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have made news an active experience, because people share links to news stories by e-mail, and post articles on their Facebook and Twitter account.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber turns 16 today. His fans are tweeting  #HappybirthdayJustin to make the star your hot twoppic of the day. The youngster is already making a big splash in the music world, with his prominent appearance in the 25th anniversary remake of "We Are The World" to benefit Haiti.

Hot twoppic of the week is Chile, after a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck the center of the country on Saturday. The death toll stands at 708 and is expected to rise.  But in the effort to recover from the quake,  officials face major challenges. FOX News Radio's David Noto has more.

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