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The USA Men's Hockey ...defeating the mostly all NHL all star team that is team Canada last night with a score of 5-3. It's being called the greatest upset since the Miracle on Ice - which took place some 30 years ago today when Team USA Hockey defeated the Soviets bringing home the gold - Will there be a repeat with gold in store this time around for Team USA? Last night's victory now advances Team USA to Wednesday's quarter finals as the top seeded team.

Fans like @joerules321 Tweet: Huge Props to the USA Hockey Team for beating them Canadians at their own game on their own home ice in their own Olympics!

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Shutter Island - starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo opened on Friday, making 40 POINT TWO MILLION in the box office over the weekend. The opening was originally scheduled for October but was delayed by Paramount because of "financial considerations"... The debate now ...between Critics and fans alike:  Is this one of Leonardo DiCaprio's best films? @cowboybens tweets his own review of the movie: shutter island... Was good then not.

Your hot TWOPPIC of the Week is Justin Beiber. People love them some Justin Beiber. The Canadian Pop Singers fans just can't stop tweeting about him. Like @BIEBERBLAST20 who tweets: Just took "Who's the perfect (star) boy for you ?" and got: Justin Bieber ♥!  -- A solo by Beiber begins the new version of We Are the World, the remake of the 80s song of the same name, benefitting the relief efforts of the earthquake victims in Haiti.

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