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I think @johnlinton speaks for all of us when he tweets: "I can't WAIT to hear Tiger Woods apology today."

Well... he FINALLY said something. Tiger Woods today speaking for the first time about his infidelity. ...and he's "DEEPLY SORRY" for his "irresponsible and childish behavior". Since late November Woods has been linked to affairs with AT LEAST 9 women... Woods' statement today was be closed off to many media outlets - only the Associated press, Reuters, Bloomberg and 6 members of the Golf Writers Association of America had been invited to view the statement live... though they had to agree that they would not ask ANY questions. All the other networks watched via a tv feed from about a mile away. Will he return to golf? Yes... when? He didn't say.

Shaun White and the Olympics round out the week as your hot twoppic of the day AND the week!

People just can't stop buzzing over Shaun Whites gold winning run on Wednesday night... like @pricehall who tweets: "Still can't get over how amazing Shaun White's run was." 23 year old White can do things with a snowboard that most people can't manage to do on 2 feet. Upon winning gold Wednesday night - White was asked how he planned to celebrate... his answer? "...To meet the President of the United States would be cool. ...I'm free for dinner."

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