Jamie Foxx kicks off this week's FOXLight DVD Release roundup as a Philadelphia lawyer who goes light on a murder suspect then becomes prey to the victim's widow, Gerard Butler, in Law Abiding Citizen. Butler kills the freed suspect then leans on Foxx to fix the flawed justice system or die trying.

Coco Before Chanel tracks the life of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, played by Audrey Tautou, as she goes from orphan child to international fashion icon in 110 movie minutes flat.

A spoof of and tribute to the Blaxploitation genre, Michael Jai White is Black Dynamite, an ex-CIA operative gone rogue to avenge the death of his brother by slaying pimps and kung-fu fighters while still making time for the ladies. Damn right!

Also out this week...

Chris Rock goes on the road to answer his five-year old daughter's question, "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?" with the documentary Good Hair, seeking to shine a light on the $9 billion black-hair industry by visiting salons, barbershops and conventions, and interviewing celebrities like Nia Long, Ice-T and Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss their own bad-hair days.

Halo: Legends comprises seven anime shorts done by five Japanese production houses, and all are stories related to the smash video game experience known to Sci-Fiers everywhere as Halo.

Clint Eastwood: 35 Films, 35 Years at Warner Bros. is a mammoth collection of almost his entire canon, from Where Eagles Dare through Gran Torino, plus a 36th short film documentary called The Eastwood Factor, with a rare personal glimpse into the icon's craft.

And TV on DVD this week includes...

60's Cowboys and Indians hit Branded: The Complete Series

70's crime dramas Barnaby Jones: The Complete 1st Season; and Cannon: Season 2, Vol. 2

80's comedy cheese Small Wonder: Season 1

And current cable smash The Dog Whisperer: The Complete 4th Season

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