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Your hot TWOPPIC OF THE MOMENT is a new twitter app for blackberry.

According to, blackberry owners can stop drooling at the cool twitter apps on friends iPhones, and other twitter clients. Blackberry is close to the release of a new twitter app that surpasses the current app they offer, by far.

@anjelmalik tweets: Can't wait! Re-tweeting the @mashable tweet: Official Twitter App for Blackberry Looks Really Good

Your TWOPPIC OF THE DAY is John Mayer apology over racists comments

This week Mayer apologized for his "racy" remarks made in a playboy interview regarding race, his former sex life with Jessica Simpson, and intimate details about his past relationship with ex, Jennifer Aniston.

@cocosilk tweets: TGIF everyone! I saw John Mayer's clip of his apology during his Nashville show; He can apologize to the cows come home...

Your TWOPPIC OF THE WEEK is Google Buzz

People still buzzing over Google Buzz... just like @baldovski tweets Big Buzz! -- after launching just days ago - Google buzz has surpassed 9 million posts and comments in 2 days... that's 160,000 posts and comments PER HOUR! ...and now google is scrambling to make improvements based on user feedback.

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