Martha Coakley Explains Her Loss

Massachusetts Attorney General, who lost her senate bid to Scott Brown, discussed her loss with the Boston Globe.

Ms. Coakley -- who lost to Scott Brown 52 percent to 47 percent -- said her opponent was able to tap into the electorate's anger and did a better job of appearing accessible to voters. And she acknowledged an attempt at humor that fell flat -- what she called a "not very well executed" joke asserting that former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was a Yankee fan.


"The truth is that, over that time period, with several major holidays, you don't have the luxury of a 18-month campaign for Senate or for president, where you do the retail politicking. And remember, we had done a ton of this in the primary with our base."

I run my office based upon the public interest and what individual people want and need. And so, it bothers me that I'm not successful in communicating that to people, that I do care about them."

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