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A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday off the Cayman Islands, making the tropical getaway your hot twoppic of the moment. Generally no damage was sustained. The quake struck about 600 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which last week was devastated by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

Who doesn't love a cadbury egg at Easter time? A beloved institution and the  U.K.'s largest confectionery company is being taken over by a U.S. company.  Cadbury, known for its chocolate deliciousness,  accepted an $19.4 billion takeover offer from Kraft Foods. Kraft says the takeover will create a global confectionary giant with more than 40 confectionary brands and annual sales above $100 million.

You hot twoppic of the week is the Massachusetts special election being held to elect a replacement for the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. The blue state now threatens to go red - and President Obama's health care reform may depend on the outcome.  If Republican Scott Brown wins, he will be the 41st Republican vote to uphold a filibuster. Democrat Martha Coakly was considered the overwhelming favorite until just a few days ago.

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