Jesus may walk on water, but the rest of us have to take a boat - just be careful who you cruise with, warns the Catholic League.

They say Celebrity Cruises is no longer allowing priests on board to celebrate daily and Sunday Masses. 

"Daily and weekly scheduling of any religious service will no longer be offered on an official basis (with the exception of High Holy Days)," read an email from a Celebrity Cruises customer service representative.

"Out of respect for our guests of all religious faiths, Celebrity has chosen to align the religious services provided for Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Interdenominational faiths, effective January, 4, 2010."

Catholic League President, Bill Donohue, is not too happy.

"In other words, because some anti-Catholics objected to daily Mass onboard the ship, Celebrity Cruises threw the priests--and the lay Catholic men and women with them--overboard,"  he said in a written statement.  "Instead of standing on principle and telling those generating the 'negative feedback' that no one is forced to go to Mass, and that tolerance demands respect for religious freedom, officials at Celebrity Cruises decided to yield to the bigots."

Here's a excerpt from a memo sent to a priest:

 "While we do meet the needs of many guests onboard by supplying a priest, we have recently encountered a great deal of negative feedback pertaining to the 'selective' support of one particular religion/faith. After many internal discussions, external research, and marketing investigations, Celebrity Cruises will only place Roman Catholic priests on sailings that take place over the Easter and Christmas holiday."

So the Catholic League is encouraging Catholics to grab their suntan lotion and cruise with somebody else.

I suppose believers of all stripes should ask themselves, "WWCSD" - What Would Captain Stubing Do?

Todd  Starnes is a best-selling author and reporter for FOX News Radio.