The indefatigable Tyler Perry once again leads this week's pack of DVD releases in the FOXLight. His loved and lovable Madea character gets robbed by a family of juvenile delinquents, and, true-to-form, she tracks down their only living relative, Auntie Taraji P. Nelson, and ships them off to her, in I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

The Rob Zombie-directed Halloween II picks up from the moment the first film left off, in the aftermath of the carnage left in the wake of lunatic killer Michael Myers' rampage. Zombie intended to dwarf the shock and horror of the re-booted first film.  Did he succeed?  You can see for yourself.

Fame was supposed to "live forever", but in this High School Musical and Glee filled world, this 2009 remake was more like "dead on arrival".

Also out this week...

The critically-acclaimed The Hurt Locker depicts a highly-trained bomb disposal team in 2004 Iraq newly led by Jeremy Renner, who plunges his team into some unwelcome and deadly combat.  Bravura-filled performances include Ralph Fiennes, Guy Pearce, and David Morse.

Sam Rockwell is a spaceman contractor working alone on the moon, in Moon.  His only communication comes from satellite messages from his wife and daughter, and his computer voiced by Kevin Spacey.  But at the end of his stay Rockwell realizes he might be stranded there.  First time director Duncan Jones is the son of a "Space Oddity" himself, David Bowie.

And TV on DVD this week includes:

The Simpsons: The Complete 20th Season, and the first available in Blu-Ray

E.R. - The Complete 12th Season

Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Season 5 - Big Changes

Becker: The Complete 3rd Season

Route 66: The Complete 3rd Season

Fame (The Original TV Series): Season 2

And bringing us full circle, we end with Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume 5: Episodes 81-100. See what I mean?  Indefatigable!  Oh, look it up...

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