Giving away Bibles to school children is unconstitutional.

That's the law of the land in Wilson County, Tennessee - a suburb of Nashville. The school board was facing a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union over a long-time tradition.

Every year, fifth grade students were presented free Bibles from The Gideons International.

The Gideons are based in Nashville and have been giving away pocket-sized copies of The New Testament, the Proverbs and Psalms for decades. Last year, they distributed more than 11 million Bibles.

Boys and girls in Wilson County were not required to take the Bibles but the parents of one child complained. They admit their daughter was not forced to accept the Bible but the girl was afraid of being singled out for ridicule had she refused.

That's when the ACLU got involved.

"Decisions about religion should be left in the hands of families and faith communities, not public school officials," said ACLU attorney Edmund J. Schmidt, III, in an interview with The Tennessean.

The ACLU demanded the school district stop giving away Bibles on school grounds. To avoid a lawsuit, school officials were forced to not only ban God's Word, but also acknowledge that giving kids Bibles on school property is unconstitutional.

The ACLU of Tennessee hailed the ruling and said their goal is to protect the religious liberty of everyone.

Thus sayeth the ACLU.


Todd Starnes is a reporter for FOX News Radio and a best-selling author. For more about his book, click here.