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A sad hot twoppic of the moment today: Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, the drummer for the band Avenged Sevenfold, was found dead on Monday, at the age of 28. An autopsy is pending, but authorities say he appeared to die of natural causes. The punk-goth band was voted best new artist at the 2006 MTV music video awards. Fans tweeted in disbelief on twitter, making the trending topic #RIPtheRev in tribute. @anonybird tweets #RIPtheRev I'm speechless. No one should die at 28. He had his whole life to live.

Other day, another record shattered by the film Avatar, the most recent triumph - IMAX. According to, Avatar is shattering pretty much every IMAX record there is. Avatar has already reached an unprecedented $39 million dollars in less than two weeks-- quite a feat, especially considering  that it played on just 249 IMAX screens.

Tuesday Iranian authorities continued arresting hundreds of opposition members, making #iranelection your hot twoppic of the week. The UK Foreign Secretary publicly hailed the courage of the Iranians who are protesting, a remark that angered the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who said that the protesters should not be encouraged by countries. He then warned Britain that it will receive a punch on the mouth if it does not stop the encouragement. More than 1,500 people have been arrested nationwide since Sunday, prompting President Obama to call for their release.  Iran has also accused the United States and Britain of orchestrating the violent demonstrations.

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