Look out the man made disasters are coming back..the overseas contingency operation is raging!! What am I referring to? the new war on terror...the war that has not stopped even if we wish it had..We Are killing terrorist in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and you know they would try and find a way to get us back. This 23 yr old highly educated rich extremist almost killed 300 people in their name and all we can do is pretend its a one off terror miss? This is a near mass killing from a guy that should not have ever gotten on the plane.

Lets get this straight he was turned in by his dad to our state department for being a potential AQ terrorist and hes not worthy of being on no fly list only a mysterious TIDE list. Do you have a problem with this? Of course you do..We spent 50 billion to fight terror and we need a Dutch video producer to tackle this idiot..

Are you mad..I think we all are...lets keep ripping off the layers on this failed terror strike color our selves lucky and get ready to fight it out