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The recession may be over, but it appears Ben Bernanke is just getting started. Wednesday morning, Bernanke was named the 2009 Time Magazine Person of the Year. Calling him "the biggest nerd on the planet," Time credited Bernanke with the leadership needed to recover from the greatest economic downfall since the Great Depression. The accolades come a day ahead of a vote in the Senate Banking Committee on his nomination to a second term. It is also a pivotal time for the Fed and the finance sector as Congress considers major changes in the way banking is regulated. But Time magazine believes, we already have the best man for the job, making Ben Bernanke your hot twoppic of the moment.

Your hot twoppic of the day comes from @youtube, who tweeted a link to its Most Popular YouTube videos in 2009. Coming in at #1:  Susan Boyle when she surprised the world on "Britain's Got Talent."  The video was watched 120 million times. The runner-up was David After Dentist, a video viewed 37 million times,  which  shows a 7 year-old boy acting a little loopy because of a dental procedure.  Rounding out the top three, the JK Wedding Entrance Video showing a wedding party grooving down the aisle.

Your hot twopppic of the week is Copenhagen (#cop15) as the UN Climate Conference continues. Protests turned violent on Wednesday as baton-wielding police battled protestors in the streets. Disagreements between China and the United States, and between rich and poor nations have deadlocked the diplomatic talks as world leaders try to produce an international agreement.

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