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Early Tuesday morning, the 67th annual Golden Globe nominations were announced. Critically acclaimed “Up in the Air” led with 6 nominations, including one for leading man, George Cooney. The highly anticipated musical, “Nine” had five nominations, James Cameron’s sci-fi masterpiece, “Avatar” and Quentin Tarantino’s, “Inglourious Basterds” had four.  For television, “Glee” reigned with four nominations; “30 Rock,” “Big Love” and “Dexter” all had three. The globes will be hosted by Ricky Gervais on January 17th – today, they are the hot twoppic of the moment.

Your hot twoppic of the day is #nocleanfeed, a campaign to stop internet censorship in Australia. Australia is forging ahead with plans to filter Internet content. The system would legally require Internet service providers to filter out banned material. The government says such a system would help protect people, especially children, from harmful sites found online.

Hot  twoppic of the week is Twitter, who has begun testing its first feature made specifically for businesses. The feature is called “Contributors, ” and it allows more people to tweet for a business from a single account. This is just the first of several business features to come. Some of will be visible by users, and some will be internal… we will keep you updated.

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