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What Matters Now? That is the title of a free eBook that has gone viral, and your hot twoppic of the moment.  Author and online marketing guru Seth Godin asked 70 public figures to write a 200 word article with a single word as the title. The goal was to put together a book designed to motivate forward thinking in the New Year. Many are tweeting the free download link on Twitter and encouraging others to put aside 15 minutes for an inspiring read.

Hot twoppic of the day is more fallout for Tiger Woods. The first corporation to completely sever its relationship with the golf great  is international consulting company Accenture, who said Woods was no longer the right representative for its advertising. Other endorsements in jeapoadry? Gillette began downplaying its relationship with Woods by suspending Woods-related advertising.  AT&T and the watch-maker Tag Heuer have both said they are reconsidering their connections to Tiger.

Your hot twoppic of the week is the controversial MTV reality show "Jersey Shore." MTV has announced that it has pulled a scene from the next episode that shows female star "Snooki" getting punched in the face by a man. The scene was previewed during this past Thursday's show and then went viral.  The New York Post has identified her attacker as a New York City gym teacher, who was arrested for the assault. @GitEmSteveDave tweets So MTV will NOT air the Jersey Shore Snookiepunch. Wow, so you'll show underage drinking and cheating, but not a punch? Stay Classy MTV!

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