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Sports fans, listen up - your hot twoppic of the moment?  Shaquille O'Neal is not retiring. The rumor started early Friday morning by the website  and quickly became a trending topic on twitter. Although Shaq is 37 years old, and has spoken of retirement before, to retire mid-seaseon seemed a little out of the ordinary, especially when he is having a pretty good season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Shaq is averaging averaging 11 points and 6.8 rebounds per game.

Your hot twoppic of the day is Jenny Sanford, who announced Friday morning that she will divorce South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Jenny had moved out of the Governor's mansion in August with her four children after her husband confessed that he had been carrying on a steamy affair with an Argentinean lover instead of hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Various tweets of "You go girl" were all over twitter. @ElyssaK tweets Jenny Sanford is going something you rarely see a political wife do...divorcing her scumbag of a husband. Hope she finds happiness.

Speaking of cheating husbands, your hot twoppic of the week is Tiger Woods, who has reportedly had his lawyers in Britain obtain a court order that prohibits the publication of any nude photos or videos of the golfer in the British media. But perhaps it is not just the British media getting the legal warning. Notorious gossip blogger @perezhilton tweets Score! I just got the letter too! From Tiger Woods' lawyers, threatening me if I publish any nudie pics of the sex addict golfer.#HaHaHa

This is @TheKateMalloy and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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