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Your hot twoppic of the moment is bad news for publishing. Nielsen Business Media is getting out of the trade publication business, and two highly regarded magazines are paying the price. Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Review are closing down.

Your hot twoppic of the day is the hit TV show "Glee." Fans are tweeting reactions to last night's midseason finale. Glee returns April 13th with  guest stars who've got some pipes. Tony Award winner Idina Menzel, who starred in "Wicked" will play the coach of a rival glee club, and Tony nominee Jonathan Groff will play the lead singer. @lucylou tweets Augh how am I going to survive without Kurt in my life until SPRING? AAAUGH. I wish I could hibernate through the winter/off-season of Glee.


Your hot twoppic of the week is the Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama accepted his award this morning in Oslo, Norway. The President acknowledged the controversy surrounding the award which many deemed premature.  He also addressed the seeming paradox of receiving the peace prize while serving as a war time president. The $1.4 million in prize money President Obama will give to charity. @super_vivek tweets I Like Barack Obama, but its a shame hat he won the Nobel Peace Prize award when he hasn't really been practicing the word "peace." @jeffdellinger tweets Congratulations, President Obama, on your Nobel Peace Prize. A proud day for all of America (even if the wingers refuse to acknowledge).

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