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A new iPhone application hit stores today. The Ustream Live Broadcaster is the first application that allows users to stream live video directly from iPhone devices to the worldwide web, making UStream the hot twoppic of the moment.

Hot twoppic of the day is #leweb, referring to the sixth annual technology/internet conference taking place in Paris. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey launched his new startup, a mobile payment service called Square, which lets users make payments over a mobile phone. Also announced -- Twitter is about to get a lot more exciting - in 2010 developers will have access to the Twitter data needed to create new applications. Hot twoppic of the week is no surprise. Tiger Woods remains the subject of national public scrutiny as the number of alleged mistresses rose past 10. But his "trangressions" may also hit his wallet. According to media tracker Nielsen, the last time a commercial featuring Tiger Woods aired on TV was November 29th.  While sponsors have so far elected to stand by Woods, industry analysts say the relationship will likely change in the future. Now, time for your celebrity tweets on the street. Tennis superstar @serenajwilliams tweets Morning guys!! Yesterday in Elton John charity I AGAIN beat Andy Roddick. That make me 3 and 0 against him!!He's not very good. I'm better. And Adam Lambert made his triumphant return to ABC on "The View." The episode will air Thursday morning.  @SherriEShepherd tweets Pre-taped Adam Lambert. He's a really nice guy. We talked b4 he went on. I respect him & he respected my views. Plus loved that eyeliner

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