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Your hot twoppic of the moment is Chelsea Clinton, who announced over the Thanksgiving weekend that she is getting married to her long-term boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky. The couple sent out a group email to family and friends to officially announce the news. Their wedding is expected to be held next summer.

The circumstances surrounding Tiger Woods's car crash on Friday make him the hot twoppic of the day. Allegations of infidelity, use of prescription medication and domestic assault have made this a full on scandal. In a statement released Sunday, Woods accepted blame for the crash, saying, "I'm human and I'm not perfect," but he still provided no details. On twitter, some are calling for an explanation - others are saying to let the Woods family have privacy in what is obviously a hard time. @GSchroederkrmg tweets Tiger Woods doesn't owe you or me an explanation as to what happened. His family? Yes. But not the rest of us. @SouthernWx tweets If Tiger Woods was under the influence of Percocet when he crashed, it is most definitely our business.

In the past year Twitter has taken social media by storm, but it also tops another category: the English Language. Your hot twoppic of the week is Twitter declared, after Twitter was declared by the Global Language Monitor to be the number 1 most popular word of 2009. Twitter beat out words like "Obama" and  "H1N1" to take the crown. Now that Twitter has been declared the most popular English word and "unfriend" took the title of Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year, there's no denying it: social media rules.

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