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No, that's not Queen you hear singing their classic song, "Bohemian Rhapsody," it's the Muppets, who pay tribute with a spot-on parody of the song and video. The parody has gone viral- it already has over 1 million hits on YouTube. Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, and Animal are amongst the singing  muppets. Some are calling it the best YouTube video of all time, making Bohemian Rhapsody your hot twoppic of the moment.

Your hot twoppic of the day is Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday is celebrated in the U.S. on November 26th this year, and people are tweeting reasons they are thankful with the twitter meme #IAmThankfulFor. Even some celebrities are getting in on it : singer @katyperry tweets #iamthankfulfor the fact that I'm writing the new record faster than ever I imagined! It's all happening! Rocker @johncmayer tweets Let's do this! #imthankfulfor fans who know that music is what matters.

He made headlines just about everyday this week - Adam Lambert is the hot twoppic of the week. This morning he appeared on CBS' "The Early Show" and addressed his controversial performance, saying he would not apologize. Adding fuel to the Glambert twitter fire - he just released the video for his debut single "For your Entertainment."

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