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The backlash from Adam Lamberts's American Music Awards  performance lives on...  Good Morning America confirmed that they have canceled  Adam Lambert's free concert in New York City this Wednesday as part of their "Fall Concert Series." The reason? They were concerned about airing a similar performance so early in the morning. Fans took to twitter in outrage: @tora_nyc tweets #ShameOnYouABC for canceling Adam Lambert's appearance on@GMA when you have gay characters kissing on your daytime soaps. Hypocrites! And even some non-fans had something to say: @__sarahh tweets Do I absolutely despise @adamlambert? Yes. But if GMA really did cancel his performance then that's messed up and they should be ashamed. But, it seems all has worked out for Adam Lambert - he will appear on CBS's "The Early Show" on Wednesday instead. The drama has made #ShameonyouABC your hot twoppic of the moment.

Your hot twoppic of the day is Google Wave because if you are looking for a highly coveted invite, Twitter may be your answer. As more invites get released to those with existing accounts, some have invites to burn. @rehpo is one, and tweets Who wants a google wave invite? got some to get rid of. So get on twitter, get in touch with a tweep who has invites, and you could soon be riding the wave.

Your hot twoppic of the week is Black Friday. People are alreasy tweeting links to deals, and some business are tweeting special offers, so stay tuned to twitter as the big shopping day approaches - and you could score some inside info for some killer savings.

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