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Early Thursday morning an FAA computer glitch caused flight delays and cancellations, making the FAA the hot twoppic of the moment. The glitch involved the computer system that allows pilots to submit flight plans. The FAA's Kathleen Berg explains.  The glitch lasted about 5 hours -- a "ripple effect" is expected to impact flights nationwide throughout the day.

The hot twoppic of the day is Mac, which is trending due to a twitter promotion. A new app called Voices is available for free if you sign up on their website and spread the word through twitter. Have you always wanted to sound like Darth Vader? Or maybe a chipmunk? With Voices, you can choose among 17 different characters and record a voice memo in that voice.

It's  finally here: "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is in theaters tonight at midnight. To call the movie highly anticipated would be a major understatement - "Twilight" fans have been in a twitter frenzy, tweeting about the movie's love triangle and whether they are Team Edward or Team Jacob, making "New Moon" your hot twoppic of the week. The film has sold the most pre-sale tickets  than any other film, topping previous record holder, "The Dark Knight. " It is expected to slay the weekend box office competition. @Chrisxtine tweets New Moon tonite!! New Moon tonite!! :o) Been waiting months!! And it's finally the day!

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