Sarah Palin fans are turning out in huge numbers in Grand Rapids. Some of my Twitter followers have been in line since the crack of dawn. About 1,000 people are standing in line outside the Barnes and Noble according to @soccersealusa. Hundreds of fans erupted with cheers, "Sarah, Sarah" as they waited to get an autographed copy of her book.

"She's a gorgeous woman who shoots moose," Lucy Vigmustad told the Grand Rapids Press. "How do you not like that? She's tough and loyal and tells the truth." Vigmustad, 19, was the first person in a very long line at the Woodland Mall.

"Something about Sarah Palin, she brings a new energy to politics," said Tyler, an Ohio State University student who made the trek. "I've been in line since 4:30 a.m."

"Going Rogue" follows Palin's life from childhood to her departure last summer as Alaska governor. She also writes about her faith in Christ.

Fans seem undeterred by the dozens of negative reviews of the book in the mainstream media. The Associated Press reportedly assigned 11 reporters to fact-check her book. However, none were assigned to fact-check books written by President Obama and Vice President Biden.


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