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Tweeps in Indonesia sure know how to make trending topics -- the hot twoppic of the moment is #tebakbandtranslate, a twitter game where you pick the name of a popular band or song and translate it into Indonesian.

The hot twoppic of the day is Beyonce. Today the sexy video for her new single, Video Phone was released. The ubiquitous Lady Gaga lends her vocals to the track  and she appears alongside Beyonce in the video,  which features fierce fashion and shows the pop stars wielding toy guns at the paparazzi. Critiques of the video were surprisingly harsh on Twitter: @nathangt67 tweets the new Beyonce vid, is a good reminder how true talent is no longer needed to be famous @JuliaMella tweets Video Phone sounds okay. The video was okay too. Lady GaGa & Beyonce could've done so much better. Still a fan tho. (;

Attention all techies...your hot twoppic of the week is #pdc09, which is the hashtag grouping together tweets from Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference being held in Los Angles from November 17th to the 19th.  In his opening keynote address, chief software architect at Microsoft,  Ray Ozzie, described the company's "three screens and a cloud" vision, where software experiences are seamlessly delivered across PCs, phones and TVs, all connected by cloud-based services.  @mattnevans tweets Watching the #pdc09 keynote right now. WOW there's some AMAZING stuff happening at MS!

This is @TheKateMalloy and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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