This week's FOXLight DVD Release roundup boldly goes where no man has gone before...back to the beginnings of the Enterprise crew, in Star Trek.  Director and franchise savior J.J. Abrams shows how the young Kirk, Spock and Bones came together, and Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban respectively (and respectfully) do their roles, and the legacy, justice.

Sasha Baron Cohen lent his guerilla-style comedy to Brüno, this time out wreaking havoc as a gay European fashionista who makes real-life mincemeat out of Senator Ron Paul, Paula Abdul and, in a bit restored for the DVD release, La Toya Jackson.

Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric have one daughter with Leukemia (Sonia Vassilieva) and conceive another (Abigail Breslin) with the intent to use her to save her sick sister in My Sister's Keeper.

Also out this week...

Entourage's Jeremy Piven is a mega-obnoxious used car salesman who has one week to save a local dealership from bankruptcy in The Goods:  Live Hard, Sell Hard. Helping Piven move those 200 cars in seven days, or die trying, is a motley crew including Ving Rhames, Kathryn Hahn, James Brolin and Alan Thicke.

Return to Tara once again, with Gone With The Wind: 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collectors' Edition, on four Blu-Ray discs containing myriad bonuses and a beautiful transfer of the main feature.

And TV on DVD this week includes:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas

Family drama 7th Heaven: The 9th Season

Sci-Fi favorite Farscape:  The Complete Season 1 through 4

Reality hits Hammertime: Season 1 and The Little Couple: Season 1

And Complete Series sets, featuring every single episode in one big package, of HBO hits Rome and The Sopranos; Conan O'Brien sidekick Andy Richter's sitcom failure Andy Barker, P.I.; and the twisted cartoon clash of Drawn Together.

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In New York...I'm Rob Maurer, FOX News Talk.