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Sadly, the hot twoppic of the moment is about gun violence. Yesterday there was the massacre at Fort Hood, in Texas.  Then today, there was a shooting in an office building in Orlando, Fl, where at least 1 person has died and others were wounded. The question on most people's minds is ... why? @jimmydids tweets The land of the free where anyone can own a gun has 2 mass shootings in 2 days. Time for change? #Orlando #fort hood @Trina_Chavez5 tweets Are people going CRAZY or what? Now theres a shooting in Orlando?? We need to PRAY!!!!!!!

Hot twoppic of the day is the film Precious, which opens tonight. The Grand Jury winner at the Sundance film festival, Oscar buzz has been building for this movie for weeks. The film follows an obese Africa-American teenager as she endures many forms of abuse. Though Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry are executive producers, the film is far from a feel-good experience. But critics call it a must-see. Questo of the band The Roots @questlove tweets if you see nothing else. GO SEEPRECIOUS. Monique getting that Oscar is w/o QUESTION. see this film. it will FLOOR you.

The hot twoppic of the week belongs to the New York Yankees. The baseball champs celebrated in Manhattan with their victory parade, and Twitter was all over it, tweeting #yankeesparadeonfox and online cheering for their favorite players, especially A-Rod.

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