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Another computer operating system is throwing its hat into the ring. Ubuntu 9.10 – aka Karmic Koala, was released today – providing some competition to Microsoft and its new Windows 7. Excited twitter users made Ubuntu 9 the hot twoppic of the moment.

Your hot twoppic of the week is the World Series. Wednesday night’s Game One match-up ended with a Phillies victory. Philadelphia lefthander Cliff Lee made a historical performance pitching a complete-game in a 6-1 victory over the New York Yankees. The pitcher struck out 10 and issued no walks. But Yankee fans are not giving up.

Your hot twoppic of the week: This Will Be Huge, referring to a new, free product from Google that is sure to be a game-changer: Google Maps Navigation. While exciting for consumers, the free service threatens to put GPS companies out of business.

Now, something for your con’twitter’ation: According to social media website, Twitter is rolling out a new feature called Lists. It allows you to create lists of Twitter users that others can then follow with one click. By creating a list, you give your followers an easy way to follow your favorite Twitter users.

To know what lists you are on, next to your “Follower”  and “Following” count will be a “Lists” count. Click and you’ll get a page which shows the lists that follow you and that you are following. Right now this feature is only available to a “small group” of users but Twitter is expanding it. 

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