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Todays hot twoppic of the moment? Kanye West is NOT dead. RIP Kanye West started trending Tuesday night with rumors that the rapper was in a serious car crash. The rumor was quickly debunked by the rapper's girlfriend on Twitter and then confirmed by MTV News. Some figured immediately it was a hoax -- many people on Twitter kept retweeting the joke: To the person who made the Kanye West hoax, imma let you finish, but Balloon Boy had one of the best hoaxes of all time! But others got all worked up. @EmEmEmma tweeted almost screamed when i saw RIP Kanye West on the twitter trend, thats cruel guys. D:

The hot twoppic of the day is Magic Mouse...and no, that's not in reference to a cartoon but rather, tech giant Apple's new mouse for their computers. The Magic Mouse is the world's first multi-touch mouse, which means it responds to the touch, like the screen of the iPhone. Users can scroll and  click, even though there are no scroll wheels or actual buttons. But all that coolness comes at a price -- The Magic Mouse will cost $69 to own.@KingSimon tweets from acroos the pond: £55 for a Magic Mouse?! I'd want it to be capable of actual magic for that price. But @gimmeocean tweets The Magic Mouse looks like a must have!

The hot twoppic of the week is TV show Glee, which airs tonight on FOX. The show is a hit with critics and viewers, and soon baseball fans. October 31st the Glee club kids will be performing the national anthem before Game 3 of the World Series.

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