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She is back. Rihanna, hitting the airwaves with the first single "Russian Roulette" off her upcoming album entitled Rated R. It's her first solo song since her altercation with then-boyfriend Chris Brown on February 8th. Twitter's reviews are in: @monicareyhani tweets verdict on "russian roulette": rihanna should have chosen a dance song as the first single, but i bet we won't have to wait long for one.

The hot twoppic of the day is balloon boy. Yes, it is believed to be an elaborate hoax planned by the Heenes, who were hoping to land a reality TV show.  Charges have yet to be filed, but the main issue now is the children. @ trexy79 tweets I feel bad for the "balloon boy" ,much therapy is that poor kid gonna need when he's grown up?

According to internet chatter, one group found a way to use twitter for a seriously  good cause. #beatcancer is the hot twoppic of the week, a campaign started by Beat Cancer Everywhere, a website that works to raise money for breast cancer research. The goal was to set a Guinness Book World Record for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media within 24 hours, from October 16-17th. For each mention of #beatcancer, one cent was donated to breast cancer research. Facebook and blog mentions counted too. According to Radian6, the official online monitoring company, the phrase #beatcancer set a record with over 200,000  mentions on Twitter, Facebook and blog posts with an estimated 100 million impressions over 24 hours and over $70,000 raised.

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