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Last Saturday, UK pop star Stephen Gately, of the group BoyZone, died suddenly. Mystery surrounded his death although foul play and suicide were ruled out. On Friday, the United Kingdon's Daily Mail newspaper ran a story by columnist Jan Moir which attributed Gately's untimely death to the fact that he was gay. The reaction to the column has taken over twitter and is the hot twoppic of the moment.

@fionamlryan tweets #JanMoir I don't like Boyzone, and had no opinion on Stephen Gately, but this is a truly despicable piece of journalism

@earwicga tweets Some of the tweets about Jan Moir are ridiculous. They're much more offensive than anything she wrote. Does that not defeat the point?

The hot twoppic of the day is #balloon boy. By now, we have all heard the story: 6-year-old boy goes missing at the same time a helium balloon shaped like a flying saucer becomes unteathered. He is not found in the balloon, and eventually is discovered hiding in a cardboard box in his attic. Nation breathes sigh of relief, and when the boy said " we did this for a show"  the hoax theories began. Was it a publicity stunt? Or a scary situation with a happy ending... Stay tuned...

The Indian holiday Diwali is your hot twoppic of the week. The 5-day festival is celebrated in many Dharmic religions begins on Saturday October 17th. This year President Obama is personally attending the White House recognition and celebration of the holiday.

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