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The hot twoppic of the moment brings sad news today - Captain Lou Albano passed away this morning at age 76. He was best known for his career in the WWF as a manager and a wrestler in the early 80s. He also played Cindy Lauper's father in 3 of her videos, most memorably "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." @yourfriendjosh tweets Aw man. RIP Captain Lou Albano. Wrestling and Cyndi Lauper are suffering today.

The hot twoppic of the day is Jaycee Dugard, the woman who was abducted 18 years ago in California when she was just 11. She made national headlines on August 26th when she was found and reunited with her family. The first picture and interview after her ordeal is on the cover of People magazine. She tells People that she is "so happy to be back with my family." The magazine says Dugard is living in seclusion with her mother, and her two daughters, who were fathered by her alleged kidnapper.

Hot twoppic of the week is sure to excite Twilight fans. The New Moon soundtrack will be hitting shelves a week early, due to popular demand. October 16th is the new release date, but some fans have already started to listen - the entire album has leaked online.  And even if you're not a fan of sexy vampires with bone structure to die for, the album has been getting good reviews, featuring indie bands like Death Cab for Cutie. New Moon the film opens in theaters everywhere on November 20th.

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