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In the United Kingdom, the newspaper The Guardian ran a front page story saying that it had been banned from reporting on Parliament's questioning about alleged toxic dumping by an oil company, Trafigura.  But the gag order was viewed as an obstruction of free speech. That's where Twitter comes in. @stepghenfry tweeted Public disgust at this barbaric assault on free speech is being collected under the hashtag #trafigura. Thousands of tweets flooded the twitter waves, making #trafigura the hot twoppic of  the day. Because of the attention, Trafigura decided Tuesday afternoon to withdraw its objection to the Parliamentary questions being reported.

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a New York Times best-selling author? Well now you can. Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman began an exquisite corpse story on the BBC Audiobooks America Twitter account with a single tweet.  Other Twitter users can contribute to the story with their own tweets, making sure to include #bbcawdio. Once the story reaches 1000 tweets, the BBC will edit it into a coherent story,  making #bbcawdio the hot twoppic of the day.

Your hot twoppic of the week is Livestrong. On October 2nd, comedian and host of the "Price Is Right" Drew Carey publicly pledged to donate $100,000 to  Lance Armstrong's charity Livestrong,  if he gets 100,000 followers by November 9th.  At the time, he had at the time 13,000 followers.  By Tuesday he reached 75,000 followers, and upped the ante of his Twitter challenge: @DrewFromTV tweets Follow me and LIVESTRONG gets a MILLION Cancer-Fighting DOLLARS! I'm donating $1 for each follower, up to a million. Til end of '09

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