Sandra Bullock kicks off this week's FOXLight DVD Release roundup with her latest cookie-cutter romantic comedy The Proposal. In it, Bullock is a book editor facing deportation to Canada, and in a last ditch effort to remain in the states, she decides to fake an engagement to her assistant, Ryan Reynolds. It's basically a sitcom plot device stretched to 100 minutes, and features help from sitcom stalwarts Betty White and Craig T. Nelson.

70's puppet/live action hit Land of The Lost gets a flawed update from the usually dependable Will Ferrell. In an attempt to appeal to the Judd Apatow crowd, a family friendly cult hit becomes a raunchy adult-oriented action-comedy miss.

Spiderman director Sam Raimi returns to horror with Drag Me To Hell. Alison Lohman is a loan officer who causes an elderly woman to get evicted, and a curse dooms her to Hell in 72 hours.

Also out this week...

TV Shows premiering on DVD include:

The original and preferable Land Of The Lost: Seasons 1, 2, and 3

Canadian import Flashpoint: Season 1

FOX-TV's first hit Married...with Children: Season 11 (The Final Season)

The unexcavated, for better or worse, Jackass: The Lost Tapes

And Complete Series sets featuring every single episode of Futurama: The Complete Collection and British import/Adult Swimmers The Mighty Boosh: The Complete Series, Special Edition

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