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An unexpected announcement early Friday morning - President Barack Obama will add another feather to his cap - he has been named the #Nobel Peace Prize Recipient.  The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited President Obama's calls for peace  worldwide, including his initiatives to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the Muslim world and stress diplomacy. The unanimous decision came only 9 months into the President's term. President Obama becomes the third sitting president to win the award. Tweets were coming a mile a minute as soon as the announcement was made. @vwadhwani tweets I'm a big fan of President Obama but I would have thought they would have given the #nobel peace prize for an actual accomplishment

Hot twoppic of the day is John Lennon. The legendary Beatles member would have been 69 today, and continues to be an inspiration through his legacy and music. @TheRaconteur0 tweets @yokoono I celebrate John Lennon's life everyday with his inspiration and music. Sending my love to John's family.

What's one more crater? Hot twoppic of the week is the Moon. NASA intentionally smashed two spacecrafts into the lunar south pole of the moon, making a huge crater about the size of a swimming pool, all in the search for hidden ice. The event was highly anticipated, but the live telecast proved to be anticlimactic - with no immediate indication or pictures of impact. The data is still being processed.

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