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The Twitterverse has suffered a huge blow this morning...Miley Cyrus has deleted her Twitter account, making #mileycomeback the hot twoppic of the moment. Wednesday night @mileycyrus tweeted about her rumored love interest Liam Hemsworth. @mileycyrus tweets FYI Liam doesn't have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.  Come Thursday morning, @mileycyrus  is no longer. @Christina63090 tweets  #mileycomeback ughhh i miss her tweets already why do ppl have to go and ruin the only way we had to chat with her, i hate haters!

Today, Britain celebrates National Poetry Day, the hot twoppic of the day. Famed writer T. S. Eliot, was named the country's favorite poet.  There are poetry readings taking place all across the UK.

Hot twoppic of the week comes courtesy of the Cable News Network. A political satire sketch on Saturday Night Live cataloged the President's campaign promises he supposedly has not accomplished. A piece on CNN aimed to fact-check the comedy sketch, an exercise widely viewed as, well, silly. Twitter users created the category #CNNFactCheck to clarify some "facts" of their own.

@Dave_Whittle tweets President Ford was actually a collegiate athlete and not as clumsy as Chevy Chase made him appear.#CNNFactCheck.

@georgethefinder tweets BREAKING: Charles is NOT in Charge. Still undetermined whether Eight is in fact Enough. #CNNfactcheck

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