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Google Street View has been a phenomenon for a while here in the States and around the world, but Wednesday it expanded to our neighbor to the North. Google launched Street View in 11 Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec City, making Google Street View the hot twoppic of the moment. Twitter was full of Canadians twittering their experience with the new technology. @johnwillms tweets Of course, Google Street View had to take a pic of my house on recycling day. @jmegan tweets  Google Street View camera stopped *right in front of my house*. My random little house, on a random little street. Freaky. Others were clearly not worried about a lack of privacy, tweeting the links to their houses.

Hot twoppic of the day is #WeightlessWednesday, which some Tweeps assumed was a topic about weight loss. Weight loss blog links were posted, as well as diet tips and personal laments about weight. But the topic was originally invented to promote the band All Time Low and their new single, Weightless.

Note to NOT mess with Lebron James. Or his friends for that matter. It was reported Wednesday morning that the Cleveland Browns traded Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards to the Jets in a rare  quarter-season trade. The reason is rumored to be a scuffle outside a nightclub on Monday morning, where Edwards allegedly punched a friend of the basketball superstar. All the drama makes Braylon Edwards the hot twoppic of the week.

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